Entrepreneurship Education For Everyone 

University Programs 

We co-build programs adapted to the next generation, at a fraction of the cost of an in-house incubator. 

We enable talents.


We make it possible, improve or co-create programs adapted to the current needs and status quo of your university or corporation. It is highly important for us, to find the perfect solution and work closely together. 

Digital and hands-on

Gen Z is the first truly digital generation. Their lives take place online and they are more connected than ever before. Gen Z-ers are used to learn and work online. Even more with Covid-19. That is why we want to complement traditional approaches with digital solutions. 

Accessible for everyone

We believe that entrepreneurial support for students should be available for everyone. We want to adapt the current status quo of you institutions with affordable and simple solutions. Everyone should get the chance to shape the world and change it for the better. 

"More than 1 out of 3 Gen Zers wants to start their own business."

Forbes (2020) 

We create opportunities together with you.

Our approach is completely tailor-made. We believe in long-term cooperations for highly successful outcomes.



Analyse status quoDefine problemAnalyse gap of opportunities 


Proposal & Cooperation

First tailor-made solutions Development together with university or corporation the final program 



Implementation of the program
Ongoing support and constant adaptions 



Final ReportReflectionImpact Assessment 


Long-term Partnership  

Ensure continuity after program completion 

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