All-in-one workspace. One tool for your whole team. Write, plan, and get organized.
Know-how, process, methods, on-boarding, meetings, project monitoring, practical information, we all accumulate treasures of knowledge to which we would like to honor.
📚 Google Drive docs, Dropbox folders, Evernotes notes, Slack channels, Sharepoint intranet, “Wikipedia-style”… always a bit “painful” maze, isn't it?
This pain will become a PLEASURE (yes yes) for you and your teams. 
Notion is one of the most beautiful applications for editing and organizing knowledge. Configurable and pretty design, fast, 100% mobile ...

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    ... it has everything to make you enjoy creating content and getting organized 😘 (Unlike Google Docs, for example)
    Concretely, it is a text editor on steroids: real-time collaborative, online sharing in 2 clicks, columns with dozens of blocks such as task lists or drop-down menus ...
    But its real plus, it is the content organization features that make everything easy to access. And the navigation bar on the side is super handy!
    Product:● Visualize your product roadmap● Write feature specs● Cross-functional collaboration
    Engineering● Coordinate releases● Codify processes● Write docs to ship fast
    HR● Create a company wiki● Answer questions at scale● Onboard new employees
    Design● Track every project● Catalog logos, fonts, and assets● Publish a design system
    Sales● Build a flexible CRM● Organize all meeting notes● Share a single playbook
    Marketing● Make a style guide● Track your content calendar● Keep tabs on everything


All-in-one workspace for you and your team. Save $1,000

➕ Eligibility: For new and existing customers! Only for the members of our exclusive incubation program. Get in touch with us to know more.
➕ You'll have to provide: Your name, email, your Company’s name, Website URL, Notion domain URL, Crunchbase (if you have), proof of affiliation with us (attached document).
➕ You get (perk): $1,000 in Notion Credits (lifetime validity).

Text us on Discord and we'll guide you through the process!
Members usually get the credits within 3 working days.