The Pre-Startup Toolkit

We've created an action-oriented guide that saves you time, stress and nerves while building your first startup 🏄

Get structure and guidance

5 Action-oriented Modules

● Validate your idea and build your first product● Clear objectives in each module ● Detailed lists of actions to complete to reach the objective faster● Working documents to stay efficient ● E-learning videos


Increase your productivity

Templates for Planning & Organizing

● Plan your work and set your roadmap● Organize your resources and team● Collaborate efficiently● Get things done

Build faster with our toolboxes

For non-developers & non-designers

Our goal isn't to create an exhaustive wiki of all the no-code tools available on the market. We have tested dozens and selected the best ones to build faster and cheaper.
For each tool, we provide you with:● A description of the tool● A recommendation (in which situation you should use it)● An explanatory video● Their pricing● Link to their website


Learn from the best

30+ Extra Resources

Focusing on helping you create your startup from scratch.


  • Where is the content from? 

    Create a pitch deck gives you 28,900,000 results on Google. Save the time we've already spent for you. We have curated, shortened, reorganized, and reshaped hundreds of articles, videos, and books to build this guide.  
    We have also been where you are now and wished to have had support like this :)

  • Why is this different than incubators and other startup programs?

    This is not another startup content library. It is a self-paced action plan with short, impactful tasks to realize and help you to take a step forward and accelerate your idea. We don't want to give you 1000+ articles to read. We help you executing. 
    Plus, we are way cheaper. 

  • Do I need to be experienced or have specific skills to use it? 

    We kept our action plan as simple as possible and jargon-free. We built this especially for non-tech entrepreneurs and new founders without any experience. 

  • If I am alone and don't get help, can I still do it and be successful?

    You can do all the steps without much help. After our program, with your first MVP you will be able to get accepted to incubators or accelerator programs and get helped by more experienced mentors. We are building the bridge you need!

  • Why should I pay if I can get it for free on the internet?

    We save you time, stress and nerves by focusing your attention on the elements of building an own startup that matter. We want to focus your energy on getting things done. We strongly believe in learning-by-doing. The internet helps you to learn anything, and you should use that opportunity. mangoUP helps you to take actions and to build. 

  • How much does it cost? 

    Access our guide, plus all our peer-to-peer learning processes and events for only 15 euros / month.
    Unlock additional access to all our startup perks for 150 euros only (one-time payment, lifetime access).

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